CFE Pollinator events near you

CFE Pollinator events near you

29 June 2016

The Campaign for the Farmed Environment will be running a range of pollinator events across England this summer. Events will focus on how to provide space for pollinators by making the best use of unproductive areas of the farm.

All events are FREE, just book at or call the CFE National Event booking line on 02476 858 897

Find an event near you below, with more details are at

30 June - South Yorkshire

30 June - Cumbria

5 July - N Yorkshire

5 July - Herefordshire

5 July - Staffordshire

6 July - Worcestershire

6 July - Northumberland

6 July - North Yorkshire

6 July - Leicestershire

6 July - Nottinghamshire

7 July - Essex

11 July - Bedfordshire

11 July - Lincolnshire

12 July - Kent

13 July - Cambridgeshire

13 July - Gloucestershire

13 July - Shropshire

14 July - Suffolk

14 July - Cheshire

14 July - Wiltshire

15 July - Norfolk

19 July - Northamptonshire

19 July - Derbyshire

21 July - Bristol

26 July - Lancashire

1 August - Middlesborough

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